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Leaning in to Awkward Charm

I consider my awkwardness to be part of my charm. I refer to it as my awkward charm. I think people have many misconceptions about what being awkward means. I defy the definitions given in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. It doesn’t mean that you lack grace and skill or that you are difficult, its doesn’t mean that you aren’t comfortable with yourself; most often it means the exact opposite. It means you are completely comfortable with yourself, vulnerably showing up and being seen despite what other people think of you and being so, they may find it difficult to understand you. It means that no matter what grace or skill you do or don’t have you own it, you lean in! Its not that you are awkward, its that you don’t conform to what other people except as normal and because of that you make them feel awkward. Continue reading “Leaning in to Awkward Charm”