Lil Sister

Lil Sister

Come with me tomorrow and lets play a game little sister
Lets pretend like we grew up in a house where everyone was happy
Lets pretend like we had toys when we were young
Lets imagine that we went for car rides a cross the country
And drank slushies along the way
Lets say that we had picnics in the summer sun
And water balloon fights on the front lawn
Lets act as if we had play names like Veronica and Shashana
And that we had our own language
Lets pretend we ate burgers and hot dogs the size of cars
And ran away from dinosaurs oh wait that was just you
And let pretend I laughed out loud
Lets say we swam with mommy and daddy in Mexico
Lets pretend like these are our memories because they are
Don’t forget there were good times too.

By Monica Daniels


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