You touch me softly with your cold nervous fingers
I feel the hairs on my arms stand as you pull me closer we hug then
We sit on the bed and watch the dates and the sadness of no recollection
You laugh hysterically at the mishaps and I awe at the cute persistence
We look at each other to break the separation you ask me if you can come closer
I say of course as I think please, as I sink into your arms
I’m souffle so composed but melting on the inside
Wanting and scared of its inevitably I feel your eyes shift downward
And I raise mine they meet at this magical place that I’ve never been before
I will visit there with no one else but you and you kiss me
A chill rolls down my spine when suddenly your icy lip press warm against my neck
In one swift motion we are hovering and me motionless pulled deep into your eyes
I am glamoured by you

By Monica Daniels


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