Flirtation and Hesitation

Flirtation and Hesitation

Step to me with your bright-eyed bushy tailed prince charming smile
Come sit with me, flirt with me and lets just talk for a while
Let our conversation reek of the things our dreams are made of
Take some time let my heart speak and maybe you’ll fall in love
Falling for the laughter and you I cant help you make me smile
And now I just want to be near you so lets walk while we talk for a while
Each step I take beside you with only my toes in the sand
The effort I make only enough so just your fingers graze my hand
Your touch has me thinking I’d be your girl if you’d be my boyfriend
My eyes are saying come on now boy and I know you understand
You’re driving me crazy with this teasing me taunting me
I’m too afraid to touch you so all I can do is look at you wantonly

By Monica Daniels


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