We Shovel Dirt

We Shovel Dirt

They say it never dies
but you did your best to bury it
as we watched each other flat line
you stood over me laughing as
I struggle to take my last breath
I searched for a cure while you lie
obviously in pain and tried my best to
resuscitate your lifeless body when
our struggle came to an end you walked
away from the beautiful disaster that was us
you walked away because you could
un-scarred no permanent damage done
and I stayed there craving you because
I had no choice you fell and so did I
we had the same fears the only difference
was courage courage I had and you didn’t
so you tried to hide it and you forgot that I knew you
the real you not this shell of an Adonis
that you wish held the soul of a man I know the real you
no matter the hurtful things you said the things
you tried to make me believe the things you thought
would make the blow easier to take you’re attempt to
cushion cuts like unseen thorns I’m tangled in
but the eyes are windows to the soul and you refused
to let me see yours and from the heart the mouth speaks
and your lips couldn’t say they loved me no longer
so now I know true love never really dies but it can be
buried because we know how to shovel dirt

By Monica Daniels


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