Object of affection

Object of affection

Breathe me in
Swallow me whole
Complete me
Heal wounds and bandage heart
Bandage with words playful from a tingling tongue
Not my own but the feel I constantly want to partake of
Words like the heart beat watching my approach from across a crowded room
Can you feel the red black green and white
Red as the blood pumping swiftly between our hearts
Black as the secret desires hiding shadowy in the deepest night of our souls
Green like this youthful life we are full of, running through our veins every second our hearts beat
And white, white as the purity of it all the true-ness of everything that is unspoken between these bodies heart and soul
What a blank page we are what an old but somehow new thing this is
And how awkwardly comfortable it makes itself in our daily lives
Lingering when lonely and hugging with its essence
At times affecting us more when the object of these affections isn’t at all close in presence

By Monica Daniels


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