Lack of communication

Lack of communication

Can we stop taking this so slow
I’m tired of being just your next number
Its about time we name this
And if you say patience is a virtue
Well then well I’ve been virtuous
Let’s get this show on
Let’s move forward and go on
Kiss me again and once more and another time
What is this
This is you this is me but is this us
Or are those words to go left unspoken
Or do you with purpose leave me here disheveled and broken
I’m cracking the porcelain statue that is you
And seeing the ruins left behind I find the truth
Is moving forward that hard to do
How do you give definition to a word that is not in your vocabulary
How do we live a life of sin and yet act as if this world is a monastery
I refuse the silence that we now stay in comfortably
Screaming it all out loud unlike the whispers to yellow flowers of calamity
Watch me slowly undo the knots that confused us while the cat has your tongue
Then the words will be clear and maybe then you’ll finally get some

By Monica Daniels


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