Giving up on love

Giving up on love

There is nothing in my hands that will not soon slip away
There is nothing that I love that will live on one more day
They die with me tonight
They slip slowly away
The crime is I don’t fight
And a high toll I pay
Hidden tucked deep in whatever is left of me
Lying dormant inside the real self what I used to be
Me a walking corpse traveling with no aim
So tears my love will never see
You win the argument against no claim
Breaking my soul for the sake of being manly
Who are you, you are the one being held up by the puppeteers strings
Yet still you are the one I to be with for the joy it brings
You try hard to creep into my heart
It incapable of escape form previously broken wings
You pier into my hallow chest to find art
And listen patiently for the jazzy melody you’ve been told it sings
And I wonder why you listen because it doesn’t beat
And upon peering into the mirror I would fall to my feet
I tell you these things in all honesty and with trust
Please know that I wish for you not to retreat
But do see the difference between love and lust
And you and I being two does not complete or make this us
Not lackluster in life I can spend time with you for hours
One mention of love and this empty spot between my breast bone cowers
I am frail and weak only in this respect
So over me your persistence towers
Now you are here and promise to protect
I lack naivete yet also resistance to your powers
So now its time I fall for you soft and slow
And how it will end I hate the fact I do not know

By Monica Daniels


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